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Maytag Laundry Room concept

Maytag has reinvented the laundry room, with an ultra-modern modular design that integrates every function into a complete and flexible system. Innovative home appliances: Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer, Drying Cabinet, storage, sorting unit and ironing board all together in one place. With Maytag UK, your laundry room can be as stylish as your kitchen or your bathroom!


Maytag Washer, Dryer and Drying Cabinet Features

The Laundry Room Concept takes complete care of every aspect of your laundry, in style. From neatly storing away all that dirty laundry, through the whole washing and drying cycle with the fantastic Maytag UK washers and tumble dryers - all performed quickly and energy efficiently - through to ironing and folding, with everything immaculately clean and ready for use.
And there's more. A drying cabinet which, among a host of other functions, offers up to an incredible 16 metres of clothesline space, warm towels and vented auto programmes - for gentle fresh air style drying whatever the weather. The LED Display and Synchronised Aesthetic with other Maytag Laundry Room Concept appliances only come to enhance the stylish and modern aspect of the space. The laundry room concept storage spaces ensure that even the busiest of family homes can feature a laundry room that's not only clutter free and tidy... but also smarter, better looking and more functional than ever before.


Laundry Room Washing Features

  • Washers are Built to Professional Standards
    Maytag uses more steel and less plastic than other brands, including stainless steel for both the inner and outer drums.
  • Four Shock Suspension
    This unique sturdy standing construction makes Maytag washing machines more durable and stable than other washers, which are suspended inside the outer casing. With Four Shock Suspension, the outer drum rests on four supporting power dampers firmly attached to a steel bottom plate. The construction stands inside the machine and spinning – even at 2000rpm - is virtually free of vibrations.
  • Induction Motor
    This unique construction allows the machine to manage the highest of spin speeds whilst also prolonging the durability of the machine.
  • Spin Speed
    The high spin speed saves energy and time in the drying process. By using 2000rpm in your washer, you decrease the running time and energy consumption in your tumble dryer by approximately 50%, compared to 800rpm.


Drying Range Features

  • Continuum Drying System
    The unique ‘figure of eight’ motion of Maytag UK dryers moves the load around gently, non stop and in less time - without the clothes bundling, so you get fresher and faster results which require less ironing. And it puts less strain on the belt and drive system - protecting the motor and ensuring a longer lifetime for your dryer.
  • Auto Dry
    Intelligent sensors within the dryer adapt the drying programme to optimise the energy and time usage. The temperature sensor ensures even drying results, with no concerns about shrinkage of delicate fabrics.
In many homes, the laundry area is short on the folding and working surfaces and the storage space you'd ideally like to have. Maytag's Smart Helpers are designed to solve this problem, and to make your life much easier. They offer clever features which provide everything you need to help you - without taking up valuable floor space. And they harmonise perfectly with the overall look and functions of the Laundry Room Concept. So you have everything at hand, when you want it. And it's all hidden away when you don't.

Laundry Room Concept Washing Machine

MWA 0716 FIC

7kg, 1600 rpm Washing Machine with A+ energy rating & LED Display

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Laundry Room Concept Washing Machine

MWA 0718 FIB

7kg, 1800 rpm Washing Machine with pre-soak option & Auto Wash

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Laundry Room Concept Built-in Washing Machine

MWA 0720 IIA

7kg, 2000 rpm integrated Washing Machine with 14 programmes & Auto Wash

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The Maytag brand stands for exceptional quality...

from the innovative designs on the drawing board, through the choice of only the finest material, to assembly by craftsmen who take a genuine pride in their work. But this attention to detail doesn't end the day you make your purchase. Maytag appliances are delivered by experienced technicians whose job it is to ensure your product arrives in first class condition... and in perfect working order. That's why at Maytag Laundry, Dishwashing and Refrigeration products enjoy a full 2 year parts and labour warranty.