Raising Standards in Laundry with Super-reliable Performance

Maytag Tumble Dryers

The Maytag Tumble Dryers offer the performance you can rely on, with results that don’t simply meet, but always exceed, your expectations.

Built to the highest standards, Maytag Dryers are stylish, robust and efficient appliances designed to suit you and your lifestyle. They run smoothly and quietly in the background, taking better care of your laundry. So your garments come out fresher and cleaner every time, for many years to come.

Outstanding Maytag Washing Range Features:

  • Maytag Intellisense™ Technology: all the Maytag tumble dryers feature this technology which essentially means that temperature and humidity levels are controlled to deliver perfect drying results, while saving energy and time.
  • Heat Pump Technology: The Maytag dryers use a heat pump instead of a traditional heating element, and ensures a rapid and efficient transfer of energy, which saves 50%* energy to an A class dryer
  • A-50% Energy Rating: saves 50% on energy, compared to A rated dryers
  • Auto Dry and Overdry protection: intelligent features which select the most suitable programme in order to optimise the drying process and prevent over dryingand damage to fabrics.
  • Anticrease+ Feature: prevents laundry from creasing up to 12 hours.
  • Mixed load programme: suitable for 4kg of synthetics, various fabrics and easy care cotton, with ironing not being required.
  • LCD Display: very user friendly and easy to read, giving you feedback on the status of the washing cycle.

9kg Heatpump Tumble Dryer

MTD 09 HP WH/1

9kg Tumble Dryer with A++ energy rating & Heat Pump technology for greater energy savings

Heatpump Technology 9kg drum capacity
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9kg Condenser Dryer

MTD 09 WH/1

9kg Condenser Dryer with advanced sensor technology to measure humidity & save you up to 50% in energy & time

Intellisense Advanced Sensor Technology Large 9kg Capacity
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8kg Condenser Dryer


8kg Dryer with Large Drum Opening to make it easier to load & unload your laundry

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The Maytag brand stands for exceptional quality...

from the innovative designs on the drawing board, through the choice of only the finest material, to assembly by craftsmen who take a genuine pride in their work. But this attention to detail doesn't end the day you make your purchase. Maytag appliances are delivered by experienced technicians whose job it is to ensure your product arrives in first class condition... and in perfect working order. That's why at Maytag Laundry, Dishwashing and Refrigeration products enjoy a full 2 year parts and labour warranty.