Maytag Dishwashers

Jam packed with technology to save you water, time and energy

Jet Pro Clean® technology completely eliminates the need to scrub pans or pre-wash by hand.

Jet Pro Clean is the term to describe the high pressure rotating water jets at the back of the dishwasher that help to scrub away heavy soil from pots and pans and large baking trays, all without using any extra water! With Jet Pro Clean, you also need to load your dishes into a revolutionary vertical position to face the rotating jets - thereby saving more space in the lower rack of the dishwasher. Now that's clever!

Intellisense® technology helps to deliver perfect cleaning results whatever the load.

A Maytag Intellisense dishwasher, thanks to its clever sensors, measures the load size, adjusts the water, temperature and time levels and monitors and adjusts the cycle to ensure perfect results with maximum savings. So, your dishwasher continuously measures the level of soiling within the water, automatically adjusting the time your cycle takes as a result, never using more energy, water or time than is absolutely necessary to ensure perfect cleaning results, and that gives you a really eco-friendly dishwasher!

Steam Clean® technology delivers perfectly clean dishes no matter how soiled they are.

Steam Clean creates steam during the wash cycle which gently penetrates difficult stains such as burnt on food, coffee, tea and lipstick stains. The steam cleaning is maximised within the top rack of the dishwasher. This means that not only are these tough stains easily removed but the contents of the dishwasher are also sanitised. Great for families!

Take advantage of Maytag's dishwashers, they're packed with technology to make your life easier!


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