Maytag Fridge-Freezers

Helping to keep food fresher for longer

Intellisense® technology in Maytag's fridge-freezers helps to restore the temperature within the fridge 5 times faster after the door is opened.

The clever Intellisense sensors constantly adjust to temperature changes, sensing, adapting and controlling the temperature in the fridge to ensure that food looks, smells and tastes perfectly fresh. When the door is left open or after a power cut in your home, the sensors detect the change and rapidly channel chilled air into the storage zone, restoring the required temperature up to 5 times faster. These sensors mean that, unlike a normal fridge, which cools continuously, Maytag fridge-freezers cool only when they need to prevent the temperature rising, making them environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Take advantage of Maytag's FRIDGE-FREEZERS, they're packed with technology to make your life easier!


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